duminică, 2 septembrie 2012

When you think things are bad

Urmatoarea postare va fi in engleza pentru ca pur si simplu suna mai bine si asa...de dragul vremurilor cand 90% din exprimarea mea era in engleza.
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Things are not always perfect, life is not all milk and honey and it has its ups and downs. Sure, you all know these words and they make sense, to some more than to others. But sometimes you think things could not get any worse. Nobody understands you, not matter how much you do it is never enough and no matter what you say it is most often misunderstood.

I have just watched a movie and spend most of it with tears in my eyes. I won't tell you how it ends not to spoil it for you. But it sure is a good wake up call for all who think that too much work at work, a stupid boss or a small scratch on your car is the end of life. Or to those who want the end of life to come sooner to them.

Ok, movie is called 50-50 and it is about a young guy, 27, who finds out he has cancer. This guy has been eating healthy, jogging, even recycling. Hell, he was even taking all the bullshit from a cheating girlfriend in order to be patient to her. Life always takes away the good ones, I know. It has been a while since a movie with such a simple storyline has moved me more than this one. And it makes you reflect, it makes you return the phonecalls of your niggling mom, it makes you appreciate the ones around you, but only the ones that care about you. It makes you appreciate life in a true way, not the "new status way" of : a new day a new beginning to my life and all this kind of bullshit. The same type that I am typing now. Reading here that you should appreciate every moment will make no impact whatsoever. But after watching this movie you sure can compare. Soon I will be 29, there are babies of 2 passing away with cancer. So it can touch any one of us, and then come the questions. Would I need a check? If I have people around me, how many would still be around me at my funeral for example? What would you do on the last day of your life if you knew it was your last day? But what if you didn't know? How would you spend your days?

Damn, these americans have struck a chord!

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